Individuals are different and the need for life insurance, annuity or group insurance is also higher variable as are the actual policies sold or the insurers or products and none the less the regulatory requirements.

There are no ready-made solutions, experience/practical knowledge or the ability to customize services for a specific individual’s situation. This is why the Insurer has to provide versatile and tailored solutions across life insurance industry.

  • Business Transformation Services

    Most Insurers face challenges to keep the lights on and at the same time change it process to adapt to new business and products. The balancing act between regular updates and modernization to available budget create fallouts and operational challenges. Our business and technology experts offer BPO/BPS and transformation services addresses any identifiable business process challenges, simple or complex, to save money or transform an enterprise—or both.

    Our experts help develop solid integration and consolidation capabilities that help in retrofitting and enhancing existing systems with limited cost and help provide the time to decision and acquisition of budget for overhauling defunct systems.

  • Claims Management

    Our team brings in extensive hands-on experience from the market, experience developing both group life and disability claims administration systems for major carriers and managing them. Leveraging such expertize we develop extremely surgical and point solutions with reduced costs and administrative burdens.

  • Channel & Customer User Interface

    Take the advantage of Digital branding. Allow us to build content solution and portals specifically for the life insurance industry aligned toward digital interaction, enhancing customer loyalty and streamline communications with employees.

  • Invoicing & Disbursements

    Ability to efficiently and effectively bill/invoice can reduce the cost of policy ownership and boost productivity. Premium and bill collection can be very easily integrated to group customer payroll systems. We also specialize in consolidating multiple small disbursement systems into more efficient enterprise solutions.

  • Policy & Agency Administration

    Hyniva’s custom solutions can manage, integrate and streamline policy administration. Rating engines, pricing, and other aspect of product creation and policy administration. Tailored systems will reduce the cost of administering a wide variety of insurance products.

    Distribution systems with proper marketing channel, can enhance your agent experience and product integration streamlining compensation.

  • Testing & DevOps

    Insurance IT is a volatile environment covering regular changes. Making sure your applications run flawlessly is both an important task and a difficult chore. Hyniva’s QA experts can help you every step of the way along with selection of different forms of testing and DevOps capability — or you can choose outsource the entire process to us.

  • Business Functions

    We offer enterprise-wide resource management solutions including compliance oversight, HR systems and a wide range of accounting features. For core business functions, we assume responsibility for a wide range of back-office business functions. Engage Hynia team to reduce overhead and improve your customer experience.