Enablement of digital capabilities and more and more penetration of internet throughout the world is fast creating expectation for better customer experience in developed and emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Higher smartphone usage supported through structured banking has already propelled the new age e-payment growth. In emerging countries the technology is helping a catchup game, more and more people are trying to use electronic and digital solution as an alternative to traditional banking and for the ease of use. This has exploded requirements for payment, along with credit card which is fueled by steady increase of household incomes throughout the developing countries. Together with the transition of consumerism to the emerging country like China and India covering half of the total world population has created a boom for new credit and payment models to support the growing wealthy middle class.

Mobile & Electronic Payments

Going in to the new decked the technological disruption has started building the model for mobile payment. Innovation of technologies like NFC, secure chip and ability to integrate payment gateway in real-time processing model has made it possible to start using ones mobile phone as a wallet and carrier for payment. Penetration of digital technology across the world has started new growth in payments from UK to China to Africa. Countries are registering mid-single digit to double digit growth in mobile payment through the use of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Square, Paypal, Samsung Pay, mobile deposit, ACH, which is now transforming the industry and demanding for better regulation stronger protection and across the world. Use Hyniva for your organization to help integrate multi-faceted payment into your products and solution. Combining our knowledge for the banking, cards and payment along with technology we can bring together the skills that provide you a roadmap for future

  • Assess your digital strategy and alignment to mobile payment
  • We help you with your business case, develop POV
  • Platform selection
  • Implement, roll-out, support operations
Online Payment and Payment Sourcing

It has become our second nature to have and conduct our business through online banking. Online payments provide us with the ability to buy items online and pay online experiencing a seamless shopping experience. Now we have the ability to conduct business across language difference and currency different in a snap with the ability to setup alerts and capability to monitor our bank accounts and credit usage online real – time.

Hyniva excels in integrating and provide online payment solutions through direct channels and through cloud. We can make it work through website/portal, mobile site and apps and phone. Solution advantages are its scalability, and possible reduce infra cost. Ability to connect to any acquirer across the world. Pay per transaction system with least effort and cost. Ability to integrate with any debit/credit card provider. High security levels and compliance to PCI-DSS security for payment card industry.

Payment sourcing is an opportunity and leverages for payments in emerging realities. Ability to partner right can have strong impact on revenue potential and cost management. Hyniva can help with your sourcing analysis, due diligence, evaluation and selection of service provider. Identify potential for enhancement and help you build a collaboratively build an integrated vendor management improving implementation outcome.

Payment Analytics

Information has become the core driver for the payment business. Without the insight or the analysis it will become hard to even management basics let alone monitor fraud, compliance, consumer behavior or anything else associated with payment management.

Hyniva provides the capabilities and the knowledge to structure analytics for the banks in developing their strategies and increase operational efficiencies.

  • Profitably from payment processing has been in decline due to compression across the industry. But the complexity and the challenges associated with the increase in volumes goes on increasing and the banks have to go one servicing. Banks can use the customer centric Value Added Services that can help augment their profitability by developing insight from the payment data.
  • Use the data insight to reduce fraud and risk through managed controls across industry.
  • Increase capabilities for straight through processing with increased automation decrease the need for data quality repairs and investigation allowing for reduction in operational cost.
  • Use cost benchmarks to compare and manage cost and develop strategy to increase revenue & pricing through tight control tying pricing to products strategies and relative pricing.
Program Management

Hyniva has the expertise and the insight across customer and COTS products that allows us to uniquely support cards and payments services. We provide end-to-end capability in program management from workshops to program definition, business case development, product assessment and platform selection, system & data migration, with full life cycle testing and integrated DevOps. We have experience across payments landscape covering liquidity, pricing and billing, fraud and compliance, messaging, data quality and governance. We have experience across card issuing platforms and payment platforms.